Meant For You - Alternate Version With Session Intro
Friends - Backing Track
Friends - A Cappella
Wake The World - Alternate Version
Be Here In The Morning - Back Track
When A Man Needs A Woman - Early Take Basic Track
When A Man Needs A Woman - Alternate Version
Passing By - Alternate Verson
Anna Lee The Healer - Session Excerpt
Anna Lee The Healer - A Cappella
Little Bird - Back Track
Little Bird - A Cappella
Be Still - Alternate Take With Session Excerpt
Even Steven - Early Version Of Busy Doin' Nothin'
Diamond Head - Alternate Version With Session Excerpt
New Song (Transcendental Meditation) - Back Track With Partial Vocals
Transcendental Meditation - Back Track With Session Excerpt
Transcendental Meditation - A Cappella
My Little Red Book
I'm Confessin' - Demo
I'm Confessin'/ You're As Cool As Can Be 1
You're As Cool As Can Be 2
Be Here In The Morning Darling
Our New Home
New Song
Be Still - Alternate Track
Rock And Roll Woman
Time To Get Alone - Alternate Version Demo
Untitled 1/25/68
Passing By - Demo
Child Is Father Of The Man - Original 1966 Track Mix



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